Perfect Prom

Whilst I know I am far from being old, I am coming to the realisation now that my prom days are behind me. University has no shortage of balls and events to dress up for, but nothing beats the excitement of going dress shopping for Year 11 Prom (a dizzying night of disco lights, meringue skirts and fruit punch) and then the various incarnations of Leaver’s Balls in Sixth Form (where girls attempt to juggle 6-inch heels and champagne, and the boys bring out their best ill-fitting suits). 

In a fit of nostalgia over our girlish youth - some 2 years ago - my friend and I trailed through the prom dresses on recent trip to Selfridge’s. Ted Baker, the undisputed King of the prom dress, does not disappoint with this season’s offerings. The Raul dress of 2011 has reappeared in various incarnations over the years, and it now sees a slimmed down update to become the Miyaa. Whilst it may not have quite the same pouffy impact of its ancestor, the skirt is still full enough to satisfy your inner princess.


Miss Selfridge has got the prom dress down this year with floor length embellished gowns. The embroidery is perfectly placed to accentuate the waist, and of course makes you twinkle, and the draped skirt around your legs is just right for twirling.



If you don’t buy in to the traditional prom look of skirts and swirls and sparkle then French Connection has some chicer alternatives on offer. These are more vamp than cute but their San Diego Drape Strapless Dress can still be worn with a nod to the Pretty in Pink mob.


So, know that I’m incredibly jealous of all those of you prepping for prom. I may just spend a day trying on dresses anyway… We all know that’s the best bit ;)

I have found myself in a surprising love affair these past few months - with the ugly shoe. An unconsummated affair, but an affair nonetheless.

This has been coming on slowly for some years now, originating with the flatform trend. Back then I was laughed out the door by friends for appreciating the beauty of what they perceived as the ugliest-effing-shoe they’d ever seen. I stuck to my guns though, being just the right amount of smug when they began lusting after their Creepers. I’ll try not to indulge myself now… 

This year I’ve been seeing the ugly shoe seeping from boots and heels into sandals. There’s chunky soles left, right and centre. There’s the thickest of thick leather straps. This is the hiking sandal gone ‘fashion’ (and it would seem Urban Outfitters is even stocking said shoe this season, see - cue flashbacks to a summer’s volunteer work in Costa Rica, oh the horror.

Nevertheless, it works. Who says you need a dainty sandal? If anything it is far more practical to have a sturdy sandal (hence the hiking version…), certainly when attempting to navigate the glorious pebble beaches of the English coastline. This is the rise of practical fashion. This is fashion that says no to beaten and bruised feet at the end of a long day traipsing down Oxford Street in your bejewelled gladiator sandal. Never again will you curse the moment you left the house thinking ‘Today is a sandal day’!

Now that I have finished my Ugly Shoe Manifesto, here are a few suggestions to really get you on board:

Out from Under Becka Buckle Footbed Sandals - Urban Outfitters


A stellar offering from Out from Under. These have just the right amount of Footbed, Buckle and Becka (well done Becka).

Out from Under Kitty Jelly Sandals - Urban Outfitters


Whilst these sandals may not be flat, they do come with a jelly sole so that you can satisfy your desire to relive your jelly shoe days whilst keeping some of that leather appeal. These badboys are anything but delicate.

Heights Double Strap Sandal - Topshop


Like the Birkenstock. But cheaper, and you can avoid the shame of saying you own a pair of Birkenstock’s… And the rights to premature old age.

Black Flatform Sandals - River Islandimage

Purely to satisfy my unexplained obsession with the flatform I had to go for these. An entirely unpractical sole - despite my little rant about practicality above - but at least it’s sturdy!

A Moment in Reykjavik

We were in The Laundromat Café (http://www.thelaundromatcafe.comwhen it occurred to my brother that he had left Brixton the day before and travelled 7 hours from Luton to arrive in Iceland and collapse in a kitsch coffee shop. ‘Electric Avenue’ came on and he had an existential breakdown in the midst of the oh-so-kitsch decor of colour coordinated books that could be read at will. We had to remedy the situation by taking him to look at some mountains.

That being said, the café’s hot chocolate is incredible and they have the niche selling point of being a fully functional laundrette by day. Who’s complaining?